Jonas Pilgaard Kaiser

Jonas Pilgaard Kaiser

Postdoc in Economics

Technical University of Berlin

About me

I am a postdoc in economics at the Technical University of Berlin since September 2023. I am endlessly fascinated by human behaviour, and my research focuses on fairness, morality, and social norms. As I delve into these topics, I admire the synergies between the behavioural disciplines, which enable us as economists to understand and model how people act and think.

I am an affiliated researcher at the Berlin Behavioral Economics Group and the Copenhagen Network of Experimental Economists.


  • Behavioural Economics
  • Behavioural Ethics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Political Economy


  • PhD in Economics, 2023

    Aarhus University

  • MS in Economics, 2021

    Aarhus University

  • BA in Economics, 2018

    Aarhus University

Working Papers


Average rating from evaluations: 4.6/5

Supervisor, Technical University of Berlin

Lecturer, Technical University of Berlin

Advanced Microeconomics

Supervisor, Aarhus University

Bachelor’s theses, Business Administration: 3 students
Bachelor’s theses, Economics: 7 students
Master’s topic, Economics: 1 student
Master’s theses, Economics: 1 student

Lecturer, Aarhus University

Game Theory
Micro 1

Teaching Assistant, Aarhus University

Game Theory
International Trade
Mathematics for Economists
Principles of Micro and Macro

Student Teacher, The Mobile University

Game Theory

Student Evaluations

"Jonas is by far the best instructor we have ever had. He is always well prepared, ready to answer every single question, challenges us and help us achieve the next level."

"Jonas is a star! He is super competent academically and a sublime teacher."

"Jonas is a great TA. He creates a great atmosphere and cares about our learnings. Along the way, he gives advice and tips for the material besides the problem set."